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About hotelvrijmibo

For everyone

And we do mean everyone! From dishwasher to hotel manager and owner.

Every quarter

Every four months in a different unique hotel in Amsterdam.

Expand your network

Expand your network. It is a very accessible event open to anyone working in the Dutch or international hotel industry.

About Hotelvrijmibo

In 2007, initiator Jacob de Graaff and his colleague Emile Hofenk decided to launch Hotelvrijmibo: friday night drinks for everybody who works in a hotel. Like so many other people, Jacob – who at that time was the GM of the Apollo Museum Hotel – and Emile used to go to a cosy café in Amsterdam on friday late afternoon, simply to unwind with a glass of wine or beer after a long week of hard working. During those get-togethers, both colleagues and former colleagues joined, often introducing new people. People came and went, but slowly the group of hotel professionals dropping by started to grow.

Groepsfoto Ambassadeurs Hotelvrijmibo NH Collection Barbizon Palace

Huge success

Jacob and Emile decided to take this social event to a next level. To transform it into an actual networking platform, with great finger food, drinks a DJ and live music – while maintaining the informal and low profile atmosphere. As a regular café would not be able to host such a big group they moved the event to an Amsterdam based hotel, offering attendees the chance to have a look behind the scenes of that particular venue. Armed with a healthy dose of enthusiasm and a long list of e-mail addresses of colleagues working in a hotel, they sent out the first invitation: the 27th of October 2007, friday night drinks at Hotel Vondel in Amsterdam. The response they got was massive. Almost 200 hotel professionals attended the first Hotelvrijmibo, making it a huge success from the very start.

Hotels and event venues

Not long after that, Melle Pegman joined the Hotelvrijmibo team. First as an ambassador, while he was working for the Hilton Amsterdam, later as a co-owner. Nowadays, Melle and Jacob initiate Hotelvrijmibo four times a year, every time on a different location in our capital. Most of the time in hotels, but also in museums or other event venues. The turnout is massive. Each time Hotelvrijmibo takes place, hundreds of people attend, making it the largest network event in the Dutch hotel industry. During these evenings, the organisation of Hotelvrijmibo is entirely in the hands of the hosting party.


Great venue, people and atmosphere

The ambiance during Hotelvrijmibo can be described as informal, low profile and fun. Due to its relaxed character, the event is a great way of meeting new people who work in your line of business. We welcome everyone, from concierge to general manager – just as long as you work in the hotel industry. What’s more, during Hotelvrijmibo you get the chance to have a look behind the scenes of another hotel, as tours are given throughout the evening.

Membership is free

Becoming a member of Hotelvrijmibo and attending the event is entirely free. The canapes and finger food that are served are complimentary, courtesy of the hosting partner. Your drinks are offered at a discounted price.

Become a member

All Hotelvrijmibo editions

The great editions in the past

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All Hotelvrijmibo editions

The great editions in the past

  • All