Heineken Experience

40th Hotelvrijmibo

Heineken Experience

The 40th Hotelvrijmibo!

September 23rd 2016

The 40th Hotelvrijmibo will take place in the Heineken Experience.


You’re welcome in ‘t Koelschip on the top level of the building. Enjoy the great taste of the Heineken beers and the great view!


PS: You’re welcome if you are 18 years old.

The day after!

40th edition

The beers are cold, the bartender is ready and the ambassadors are excited. The 40th Hotelvrijmibo in the Heineken Experience has begun.


Soon guests start trickling in and enjoyed the breathtaking view on the city. The guests could get a tour through the Heineken Experience and they made good use of it!

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After having an informal drink, bite and chat with colleagues people start dancing as you can see in the after movie. The audience was fantastic! Therefore we would like to thank everyone of you who visited!


Without you there is no Hotelvrijmibo.
We hope to see you at the 41st edition on November 25th, 2016!


Enjoy the video made by Ralph Sarmo.