Hermitage Amsterdam – Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age

42nd Hotelvrijmibo

Hermitage Amsterdam – Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age

The 42nd Hotelvrijmibo!

20 January 2017

A historical Friday afternoon drink in the Hermitage Amsterdam.


The first Hotelvrijmibo in 2017 and what a great one. A fantastic location with a great history. Paintings hanging perfectly straight on the wall, hotdogs and drinks are ready to serve. The Hermitage Amsterdam is ready for the 42nd Hotelvrijmibo!

The day after!

An article on the 42nd Hotelvrijmibo

The cold weather hasn’t stopped you from coming to the astonishing seventeenth century building. As a reward you could take a tour through the exhibition ‘Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age’ where storytellers give you more information about the paintings.


After a warm welcome of our ambassadors you went through an inspiring exhibition. After a couple of selfies with Rembrandt it’s time to visit the café.

Click on the photo for the complete album.

After having an informal drink, bite and chat with colleagues people start dancing as you can see in the after movie. The audience was fantastic! Therefore we would like to thank everyone of you who visited!


Without you there is no Hotelvrijmibo.
We hope to see you at the 43rd edition. Keep an eye on our website for more information!

Enjoy the video made by Ralph Sarmo and photos made by Amanda Griffioen.