Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS + Hotelvrijmibo XL


New this year is the addition of Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS. This new concept is the perfect opportunity to further expand your network, learn something new and have a laugh with your hotel colleagues.


Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS offers inspiring speakers (and presentations), an interactive experience and entertainment (stand-up comedy).


Programma Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS

The entire program will be in English.


17:15 – 17:45 | Reception
17:45 – 17:55 | Welcome
17:55 – 18:45 | Interactive Session by Michael Diederich (former Boom Chicago)
18:45 – 19:05 | Speaker – Thijs Launspach: Work Life Balance
19:05 – 19:15 | Stand-up Comedy by Michael Diederich


Read more about the program below.


Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS takes place prior to Hotelvrijmibo XL and runs from 17:15 to 19:15.


Michael Diederich

Born and raised in California, Michael came to The Netherlands in 1993 to do comedy for 6 months—and never left! Practically born on stage, Michael has over 46 years of experience in everything from musicals to theater to improv comedy at Boom Chicago. 

19 years ago he began teaching companies how to improvise and has now travelled the world many times over having given workshops, trainings and keynotes to big names like Shell, Google, Uber, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Tommy Hilfiger, Heineken, Philips Medical, Funda… and the list goes on and on! 

Dutch audiences may recognize him as the critical jury member on RTL4’s “ALL TOGETHER NOW”, as the designer in the AJAX shirt prank on YouTube, or as the voice on television and radio who sings “Let op! Geld lenen kost geld! 


SESSION DESCRIPTION: Achieving balance through efficiency 

Whether it’s team building, active listening, fluid leadership, brainstorming, communication or public speaking, Michael uses improvisation as the foundation of all his workshops, pulling from a diverse range of games to help focus on whatever area your team needs to address. In today’s session, Michael will present some of his “greatest hits”, asking the audience to play games that they will surprisingly fail at—because they’re used to doing things a certain way. The corporate way. But when using improvisation, suddenly everything begins to flow, becoming effective and efficient; and instead of wondering why you’re working so hard, you’ll get more done, faster–giving you more time to work and live!



Interactive Reading by Psychologist Thijs Launspach

How do you stay mentally healthy in uncertain times? How can you effectively deal with stress, worries and isolation? How do you keep working from home effective, healthy and fun?


More than ever it is necessary to invest in our mental health and to strengthen our resilience. Knowing how to effectively deal with stress and how to take good care of yourself is essential for this. Not only for ourselves, but also so that our families, our colleagues, our friends and our community can rely on us.


In this interactive lecture, psychologist Thijs Launspach shares his vision on how to become and remain mentally healthy in the current zeitgeist. Thijs shares his favorite tips and tricks in the field of stress, working from home and taking care of yourself.


In this lecture you will learn:


  • How to recognize stress and how to become more resistant to stress
  • Effective ways to quickly lower your stress level
  • What steps you can take to improve your mental health (in times of crisis)
  • Tips and tricks for effective working from home


Hotelvrijmibo XL

On September 2, 2022 it is time for an extra large edition of Hotelvrijmibo. During a Hotelvrijmibo XL edition, we’re turning the volume up to 11. Think a bigger line-up, amazing entertainment, beautiful decorations and a party that goes on for an extra 2 hours (7:00 PM – 1:00 AM). And all this at a unique location in Amsterdam, namely the Beurs van Berlage! In short: you don’t want to miss this!




Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243 Amsterdam

19.00 – 01.00

Amazing line-up with DJ’s, LIVE entertainment.
Main Act: The Partysquad

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