NH Collection Barbizon Palace

39th Hotelvrijmibo

NH Collection Barbizon Palace

The 39th Hotelvrijmibo!

17th June 2016

Normally the place to be for the New Year’s edition of the Hotelvrijmibo, but this year you will not have to wait this long! On June 17th, the 39th edition of the Hotelvrijmibo will take place at the completely renewed NH Collection Barbizon Palace in the centre of Amsterdam.


As the third NH Collection hotel that opened in the Netherlands, be surprised by all NH Collection Barbizon Palace has to offer.


Be one of the first to get a grand tour of this extraordinary hotel and enjoy the delicious gastronomy. Dance the evening away in style at the unique St. Olof’s Chapel, and discover this great venue that has reopened for events.


Feel the extraordinary at NH Collection Barbizon Palace and sign up now!

The day after!

A review about the 39th Hotelvrijmibo

A full guest list, excited ambassadors who are ready to welcome the guests and a beautiful decorated St. Olof’s Chapel. The 39th Hotelvrijmibo in the NH Collection Barbizon Palace has began!


Soon guests start trickling in and received a welcome drink. The guests could get a grand tour through the hotel and they made good use of it!

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After having an informal drink, bite and chat with colleagues people start dancing as you can see in the after movie. The audience was fantastic! Therefore we would like to thank everyone of you who visited!


Without you there is no Hotelvrijmibo.
We hope to see you at the 40th edition on September 23th, 2016!