Hotelvrijmibo | Organize a Hotelvrijmibo in your hotel? You can!
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What makes Hotelvrijmibo so special? Well, first of all, its accessibility and unpretentious atmosphere. From room attendant to general manager, from receptionist to chef – as long as you work in a hotel you’re more than welcome to come. That concept has been a recipe for success for quite some years now. Secondly, Hotelvrijmibo is very well attended, with an average of 550 visitors each edition. The enthusiasm is overwhelming, the feedback we receive is always very positive. In other words, as a host you’ll have the chance to really stick out and feature your hotel or event location to a broad en professional audience.


Roberto Payer, GM Hilton Amsterdam and former host: “It was fantastic to welcome so many colleagues from the trade on one evening. Hotel professionals from all over the Netherlands came to our hotel for informal drinks and bites. Hotelvrijmibo is not merely a social event, it’s also a perfect PR-platform. As a hosting party, you have the chance to boost brand awareness and reinforce the connection between your company, your colleagues and potential partners. It’s a win-win situation.”

Hotelvrijmibo is organised four times a year in a different location in Amsterdam. Often in a hotel, but we also had the pleasure of the Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen, the Beurs van Berlage and Spaces Amsterdam hosting us. During the evening you have the possibility to organise tours, so the Hotelvrijmibo attendees can get a look behind the scenes of your venue.


Organize a Hotelvrijmibo yourself? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.