The Harbour Club Amsterdam Oost

44th Hotelvrijmibo

The┬áHarbour Club – Amsterdam Oost

The 44e Hotelvrijmibo!

8th September 2017

Chique, Musique, Magnifique.


Ship Ahoy, land in sight!

We have arrived at The Harbour Club in Amsterdam Oost. A very warm welcome on this rainy day. Don’t you worry, we are taking care of everything. Bites, drinks and music from a special DJ tonight. The balloons are pumped up for the special VIP table, the ambassadors are very excited and DJ FAYA (Fajah Lourens) has arrived. Let’s get the party started!


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The day after!

An article on the 44th Hotelvrijmibo

Despite the bad weather, we were very pleased to see that you all came. We want to thank you because without you there is no Hotelvrijmibo.


After a small talk with our ambassadors and obtaining a special 10-year anniversary stamp, it was time to enter the industrial old wine terminal. A nice location to meet your fellow hotello.

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Finally, it’s weekend! Take a drink, a bite of your ‘bitterbal’ and enjoy your company. After 10 o’clock it was time for DJ FAYA to show her skills. As you can see in the after movie it was a great success.


For the hungry visitors, there was a sushi cook who made fresh sushi right before your eyes.


Without you, there is no Hotelvrijmibo.
We hope to see you the 17th of NOVEMBER 2017 – 10-year anniversary Hotelvrijmibo edition!Keep an eye on our website for more information!


Enjoy the video made by Ralph Sarmo and photos made by Kirsten van Santen.