Hotelvrijmibo Connects

Our newest concept offering inspiring talks (and presentations), an interactive experience and some entertainment. Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS is the perfect chance to expand your network further, learn something new and have a laugh with your hotel colleagues.


Hotelvrijmibo is already the perfect opportunity to hang out with your colleagues we believe that to really connect, we needed to offer something extra. We trust Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS offers the perfect amount of extra… 😉

Hotelvrijmibo consists of an informative part (inspiring talks), an interactive part (getting involved) and some entertainment in the form of a stand-up comedian.


Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS will be prior to our Hotelvrijmibo XL event and starts at 17:00 till 19.00, it includes:


✔ Inspiring Talks
✔ Stand-up Comedy
✔ Networking Opportunities
✔ Only once a year!
✔ Preluding Hotelvrijmibo XL
✔ Free Admission

Note: while Hotelvrijmibo XL offers many spots,
Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS is more intimate (less spots), so be sure to register early.