Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS

What is Connects

Hotelvrijmibo consists of an informative part (inspiring talks), an interactive part (involvement) and entertainment in the form of a stand-up comedian.

Why Connects

Our newest concept offers inspiring speakers (and presentations), an interactive experience and entertainment. Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS is the perfect opportunity to further expand your network, learn something new and have a laugh with your hotel colleagues.

Hotelvrijmibo is already the perfect opportunity to hang out with your colleagues, but we believe we had to offer something extra to really connect. We trust that Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS offers the perfect amount of extra… 😉

Voorgaande edities

Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS – nhow Amsterdam RAI


Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS – Beurs van Berlage


Hotelvrijmibo CONNECTS – Beurs van Berlage


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